We care about nature

Clean environment and nature

Out manufactured products provide an opportunity to quickly and promptly solve rising ecological problems.

Lives saved

By properly protecting the environment, we contribute to the preservation of vegetation and life. Let’s love nature.

About us

We contribute to a clean environment

Oil spills can be a major environmental disaster, and the cleanup process can be long and difficult. Especially when oil leaks into the ocean, lakes, rivers or wetlands. This does not mean that spills on the ground are any less harmful. Any oil spill can cause significant damage to the ecosystem and human health.


Custom manufacturing

Our products can be customized and manufactured according to your specific needs.

Around the Globe

We export products to other countries

We work with foreign companies and have accumulated a great deal of experience in exporting products to other EU or world countries. We take care of logistical challenges and the preparation of export/import documents.


Relevant information

Information about production, processes, company activities and other achievements.