Information about the absorbents

We protect nature and each other. Absorbents? What are they?
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Spills and leaks in the workplace can have significant consequences for both workers and the environment. Hydrocarbons such as diesel, propane, and gasoline are among the most common irritants found in many devices. If released into the air, vapors may irritate the eyes and damage the lungs if inhaled. Liquids such as coolant and oils can make floors slippery, and leaks can contaminate the ground and cost thousands of euros in fines.

Spills and leaks can be unpredictable. And this is where absorbents come to our rescue.

Kas yra Absorption?

When a liquid is absorbed, it assimilates into the medium. For this to happen, the molecules of the liquid must be small enough to dissolve in the material. The resulting product must absorb substances into itself, for example as a pillow or insole that absorbs harmful liquids.

What is a sorbent?

The Latin word “sorbere” means “to absorb”. Therefore, sorbents are defined as a variety of liquid or solid materials in the form of sleeves, chips, rolls, granules, and mats that are used for sorption — the removal of substances.

How does the absorption work?

When a liquid is adsorbed, it sticks to the surface of the medium. Polypropylene is perfect for this because the fibers help draw oil to the surface.

We protect nature and each other.